" lives is art "
  my biography


I was born in the Sungai pakning (Bengkalis) 1972, elementary school, junior high school I went to Batam Island, where After graduating junior high I had to go to school outside of Batam due to very limited high school or equivalent it, the school of St. Thomas in Yogyakarta and continue studying in Jakarta precisely STI & K Jakarta until I graduated from college.
My first camera was a film camera Yashica 2000, my interest in the world of photography hobby because I like to see something beautiful, especially in the world of macro photography and Nature. Turns out it was a wonderful little world when we capture a true and natural. Photography experience that I got from self-taught, reading and especially always come share with friends. It is the teacher who can not pay off in my learning.
In produce beautiful work in my opinion is how we can isolate an event with an event that freeze into a frozen image that tells the story well, interesting light, sharp and dimensionless
At the end of the word, I want to say that I am not an expert in the world of photography, my photography is just a hobby ..............











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